Opinion – When Did it Become Okay to Hate? #NewAEShows

Where did it all go wrong?This has been bothering me for some time, a shift in attitude over the last few years which has become more evident and getting the point you are rewarded the more you hate, the more you spread fear and loathing. Does that seem right?

After all when we are kids we are taught (mostly) to be good, to be kind, to be nice and that if we are it brings rewards; but what is the media teaching us? That meanness is the way forward? That the Jerk will win?

Look at the number of Reality Stars/Talking Heads that make thousands, millions even, from being controversial, from being mean, from hating, from being outrageous they get $$$ heaped upon them and their own TV shows.  A pulpit to preach their gospel from to the masses.

Many of you know I like to poke at things, I come from England and we have long satirical history of poking fun at fun at the absurd, at establishments and those who make the dumbest of decisions. Like the A&E Networks decision to let a Homophobe with hateful thoughts about Gays, some ‘Rose-tinted’ views about the Jim Crow era and some very interesting (scary) views on Child Marriage back on TV, for no other reason than the money the Network will earn from the show means more than any ‘values’ they have.

In essence they rewarded hate… After all isn’t money the all important thing in a capitalist society?

You also know that I have a huge issue with organized religion, but even more so with the Right Wing Christian Church, a group that claims to have christian values while using the Bible to justify their hatred towards minorities, because Jesus told them too? I always thought God was about love, not about how superior I am to you because this book written five hundred years after the Birth of Christ based on half-remembered legends tells me I am…  That is wrong…

So on Twitter last night the hashtag #NewAEShows was trending, I was a little annoyed and starting poking at it, I’ve posted them in the gallery below, click-through it you want to view the barbs.

I am tired though,  I guess the old saying that the nice guy finishes last is true, in this society, those that peddle fear, that preach hate that feed this industry of paranoia in the USA are the new cool, and that is kind of sad.

Who knew we lost, eh?

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