Behind the scenes of Time of the Doctor and my review of the Eleventh Doctor’s final hours

Time of the DoctorOkay, I took the day to process the Time of the Doctor and Matt Smith’s final hours as the Eleventh (or is that really thirteenth) Doctor. I’m not going to beat around the bush or make this overly wordy. As episodes go, as finales go it really wasn’t that good, but in many ways that sums up the entire Matt Smith Doctor tenure. The last couple of seasons we’ve seen some really poor Who episodes only held together by Matt, and Time of the Doctor pretty much was the same thing.

It was too fractured to be really enjoyable, and instead of what I thought was going to be helter-skelter ride into darkness starting with the teleportation into the field of Angels (and the only part that was true heart stopping Whovian danger), the pace changed, stopped and shunted into a montage, slowed down and didn’t really speed up. I feel it was struggling with the vastness of the special effects and suffered for it. After all the best episodes of Doctor Who have always been the most intimate and the worse have been pure effects driven.

We were though rewarded with a very touching regeneration scene, and words that were just as touching as the infamous ‘I don’t want to go’ line of Tennant. That was done well and the final showcase of Matt’s acting talent, and the dropping of the bow tie was beautiful piece of visual storytelling… Bon voyage Sir! You did the legend proud…

You can view the behind the scenes Doctor Who confidential after the jump.

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