My Year in Art Collage – over 150 individual art pieces complete in my second year of picking up a pencil

My 2013 Year in Art Collage

My 2013 Year in Art Collage

I had to put this collage together, I had to see just how much art I had produced over the last year. While compared to some it isn’t that impressive, for me it is quite a collection with over 150 individual pieces.

This is only my second year of picking up a pencil after almost a 20 year hiatus, given the breadth of subject matter and materials I covered this year, watercolor, acyclic, gouache, inktense and black line,  I am, without getting to full of myself, quite proud of what I’ve accomplished. Just click on the Art Tab to view all my work so far…

While I still see myself primarily a writer, it is a good feeling to know that I can with a little effort, and much practice able to start bringing my words to life. Thank you all for your faith and staying with me throughout this journey 🙂

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