All that has happened will happen again… Is the Universe a computer simulation?

Is this realityThere is a theory that our reality, our very existence is nothing more than a complex simulation, a hologram and we are all playing our part in a complex program, but to what end?

This is a question I cannot answer, to me it is very Douglas Adam’s in its theory construction, that somehow reality can be scratched away and we will find ourselves, our true selves plugged into a giant computer somewhere.

Of course it would explain Déjà vu, paranormal happenings, and those really odd times when we put something down and for a few moments it just disappears.  Maybe this is the reason we feel a God exists while we are just mice running around a complex life maze.

You can really hurt your head thinking around it all implications and possibilities. I like to think God created us so he could find out who created him. Anyhow much smarter heads than me are prodding his entire Reality Simulation theory, all I can see is be careful just in case you cause a reset. After all… All that has happened will happen again…

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