Living in the days of future now with Valkyrie One a Prototype NASA ‘Super’ Robot Astronaut

Valkyrie One NASA Prototype Robot AstronautWhen I was a child reading the Ro-Busters in Tornado and continuing their adventures in 2000AD I never thought we would see the days that such practical humanoid robots would start to appear. Meet Valkyrie One, a prototype NASA Super Robot, modular, independent motion and with a high degree of mobility.

Valkyrie One is built for the DARPA Robotic Challenge and designed to be first generation of robots to be sent to Mars to be the precursor of human exploration.

In many ways I can see this robot as a ride along unit being guided by a human operator, but being able to make its own autonomous decisions. We are living in the days of future now, exciting times ahead.

You can learn more about Valkyrie One and NASA’s plans for it here.

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