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Learn more about my KarmaIt has been a long year on the convention circuit bringing the Teddy Bear Tales and all my other works to the public. To say it has been a year of ups and downs was an understatement, but it was a fun year and I am looking forward to 2014.

One of the issues over this year was internet connectivity for my smartphone, or in most cases a lack of connection. It was no fault of my phone, which is a mighty fine Nexus 4, however all the metal girder/thick concrete roofs of a lot of the halls I found myself in played havoc with ability to connect to the interwebs. Most of the time I could get a signal, but it killed my battery.What I had discovered was if I could connect to a WiFi signal it dramatically increased my phone’s battery life, and of course made transactions like using my square a lot easier.

Then I learned of the Your Karma WiFi Hotspot from Chris Flick of Capes and Babes fame. It is basically a device that connects to 4G network and then generates a WiFi signal for you to log into. I know it sounds odd using a hotspot generator to grab a signal for a smart phone, but remember it is a huge battery saver.

I found connecting to the Karma device was a breeze, simply find it on your WiFi network, click on the device and it prompts you to login using your Facebook account or create your own Karma account. Now this is where it gets real good…

The  Karma is a pay-as-you-go bandwidth device, you buy a GB at a time. However when you connect to a Karma device for the first time you get 100MB bandwidth and so does the owner of the device. You share bandwidth, which is really neat and also means your bandwidth is not being sucked away.

I ordered my Karma device on a Friday around 2pm, about one week before I was to head out to Virginia Comic Con. There is no option to expedited your shipping and I was worried I might not see the device in time for the convention where I wanted to bench test it. On Saturday there was a knock on my door and when I opened it I found a package waiting for me – containing my Karma device; it had taken less than 24 hours to get to me. At no extra cost to me.

I charged the battery which took about 3 hours in total, tested it against my laptop and my Nexus, the speed was acceptable and it served the pages really fast to both devices. Satisfied I packed it up and for the up-coming convention the next weekend.

The day of the show arrived and the Karma device performed well, I did have some odd signal issues, where I lost connection, but in all it worked well and throughout the day about a dozen people connected to my device, which I meant I banked up a lot of bandwidth to use. The battery life for the device for the first day with signal lose and some signal searching was about six hours.

I charged the Karma up overnight, and unleashed it the next day. Placing it again at the top of my metal shelves on the side of my table, this time I used my Karma box and placed the unit on top of it. This seemed to improve the devices ability to connect to its network, my guess is the metal shelves were interfering with the signal. Also my battery life increased to seven hours.

In summing up, the Karma device was perfect for my needs if you are traveling and in need to generate a good internet signal in hard to get signal places, or want to connect multiple devices this device is a must. It is affordable, the bandwidth social sharing aspect adds a great and rewarding dimension.Check out the Karma here.

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