A Grand Day out at Southern Maryland Comic Con for Tristan the Teddy Bear and Me

Hey you... I'm at Southern Maryland Comic Con

Hey you… I’m at Southern Maryland Comic Con

This has been a very, very long day… Starting in the barmy early hours of the morning where everything is covered in glorious white frost, and while I was out and about in just my kilt and a t-shirt everyone else was bundled under an oppressive amount of clothing… Like it was cold or something?In case you have missed it I’ve been shouting about Southern Maryland Comic Con all week. This one day show is held in Waldorf and is my penultimate show of the year, and the last one for this season in Maryland for me.  As one day Comic/Pop Culture shows go, this one is pretty good the organizers Awesome Cons full of Comic Venders and Indie Artists (of which I was one). Plus we had some great guests John DiMaggio (Voice of Adventure Time Jake and more), John Cummings (the voice of Winnie the Pooh and more) and Jim Zub (Samurai Jack). This was one packed show, especially when you add The Teddy Bear Tales to it 😉

As you will see from the photos, my table has evolved a lot from the beginning of the year. I’ve added height, a book rack, new art, the Cuddlies, new products, a kilt and a much improved sales  pitch.

Now talking about the show, it was pleasant, light, I was placed next to the kids area which lightened the burden on parents a little bit. Although I had to dodge a few flying balls along with a couple of flying kids during the day.

The show attendance was good, although what did strike me as odd was the lack of superhero cosplayers, saw a lot of Anime, some Doctor Who, two Transformers and a whole host of Adventure Time… But none of the usual suspects of Batman, Cap etc… Must be the crowd down in Southern Maryland, they must be much more anime based.

I came away with mild success from the day, helped by my location being next to the voice talent lines, and with my collection of Adventure Time prints that was a boon. Also have an increasingly growing list of art to do for the Cuddlies. Plus I got the most unique piece of Pop Culture Memorabilia ever when Jim Cummings (the voice of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh) signed my Winnie the Pooh original art (that I had knocked out at the show). Good times, my friends… Good times… I was also joined for this convention by my wife, who runs the Charmingly Geeky table; a large of collection of Pop Culture themed jewellery which is proving to be extremely popular.

In all a good day and a good show, if you into Pop Culture, Comics, or Teddy Bears you should not miss this show when it returns next year. For me though, this was my very last show in Maryland for this season. I only have the Virginia Comic Con to go on November 23 until the new year. Enjoy the photos below and I will see you at VA Comic Con.

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