Wow… Mr Adam Baldwin banned me from his twitter feed… Jayne Cobb get back in your bunk your drunk!

Adam Baldwin as Jayne Cobb from FireflyYes, you  did read that right. Adam Baldwin famous for his portrayal of Jayne Cobb in Firefly and Agent John Casey from Chuck banned me from following his twitter feed. I guess it should be kind of a compliment that he took time to do this.

You see I started following Mr Baldwin’s feed a couple of weeks ago, mainly because I am a fan of Firefly. Much to my surprise he has some interesting and fairly surprising right-wing political beliefs, and he is vocal about it on Twitter, and me… well-being me… especially in the face of outright lies replied to his Tweets from time to time.

Well… Yesterday he replied, (very much to my surprise) to one of my replies over the Government shutdown, and we had mild, and very small political argument on Twitter. I didn’t think anything of it, went off to fix my Jeep and had an amusing conversation with my wife over this bizarre and surreal debate I had with a fairly well-known actor, (at least in our circle) later on in that evening.

I was more polite than he was and he is entitled to his point of view, which everyone has a right too (I have since found out that Adam Baldwin is a Columnist for I did find the discussion interesting for the 6-7 back and forth tweets we had, and even wished him a good day as I went off to do other things.

Edit 10/07/2013 – I was able to locate the two opening remarks that started our minor Twitter argument, the rest of the conversation appears to be deleted or I cannot access it because of being blocked from Adam Baldwin’s Twitter account, so in the interest of being fair I will not present my half in its entirety  without being able to quote all of Mr Baldwin’s replies in return. It is my hope at least the opening remarks bring some context to this blog.

Adam Baldwin's Opening Tweet

Adam Baldwin’s Opening Tweet

My Reply Tweet

My Reply Tweet

Now though, I really wish I saved all the discussion because it would bring more context into this blog, sadly as he has taken the time to block me it appears I can no longer access this conversation, (or most likely he deleted his half), or you would see it all posted here. Heck, I wouldn’t have even thought about making this blog if he had not taken these odd steps – after all who am I to him? I’m just an Englishman living on the East Coast writing Fairy Tales and stories about heroic Teddy Bears.  That alone should give you a clue on how important I regarded our conversations effect on him, after all people are people and it was just a difference of opinion. Who knew though that Mr Baldwin is as easy to piss off and is as surly as the characters he portrays.

Well I do now… So ends another mild brush with Hollywood… Onwards 😉

Edit 12/30/2013 – This page is getting more traffic than I expected and keeps popping up on my stat report. It seems I am not alone incurring the wrath of Adam Baldwin, and after reading this Twitter Exchange the Surly One had with another fan, I am kind of sad I didn’t save the tweet exchange I had with him – context is everything after all.

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4 Responses to Wow… Mr Adam Baldwin banned me from his twitter feed… Jayne Cobb get back in your bunk your drunk!

  1. avatarLyn Kirby says:

    You are not the only person blocked by Adam. I was blocked several months ago after asking him to stop using foul language and to actually get to the point. I was accused of being ‘religously intolerant’ and subsequently blocked. I still cannot converse with Adam despite several mutual friends acting as go betweens and asking on my behalf to be unblocked. Guess being a loyal fangirl counts for nothing these days.

    • avatarNick says:

      Glad to see I am not the only one and I am sorry about your experience. To my surprise is Mr Baldwin appears to be as thin skinned and surly as the characters he has acted on TV. Maybe it is a type of method acting?

  2. avatarKremlin KOA says:

    Yeah. Apparently I, an internet nobody, is such a threat to Mr Baldwin that I was blocked. go figure.

    • avatarNick Davis says:

      Well… Who knew Adam Baldwin was very much like all the characters he was ever cast as? The shock I feel is when fans of Firefly encounter this and after thinking he was a lot cooler, than he turns out to be. Me, I was surprised he even replied to my tweet and even more surprised that our interaction was almost completely deleted.

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