A Teddy Bear Tales Monsters Concept – A Wooluf Sock Monster from the Tower of the Moon

Wooluf Sock Monster Concept by Nick Davis

Wooluf Sock Monster Concept by Nick Davis

Jumping from rock to rock, from tree branch from tree branch, prowled a pack of wild Wooluf’s; nasty little creatures made of threadbare odd socks and old buttons. The very socks that get lost in the laundry or in the back of drawers. Wooluf’s were long limbed and had needle sharp teeth and were always hungry, craving worn clothing and were known to hunt in packs.

Wooluf’s are a new Monster that inhabit the ruined Tower of the Moons, strange mystical place that Tristan explores in Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders. They are wild creatures made of odd socks, old buttons and hunt in packs.

Concepts allow me to explore the look of new character or creature, and how they fit into the growing World within a World that Tristan is exploring. My inspiration for the Wooluf’s come from Sock Monsters, and how the Wooluf’s are encountered will be revealed when the graphic novel is released.

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