A weekend of adventure, of books, Teddy Bears, Monsters and Comics at the Baltimore Book Festival

Tristan the Teddy Bear encounters the Monster from the Black Lagoon at the Baltimore Book Festival.

Tristan the Teddy Bear encounters the Creature from the Black Lagoon at the Baltimore Book Festival.

Last weekend Tristan and I had an adventure at the Baltimore Book Festival in the new addition to this celebration of the written word in the Charm City Comics Pavilion hosted by Third Eye Comics and Th3rd World Studios. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as last years adventure at the BBF didn’t go too well for me, this year though was completely different, I had a total blast and my kids came along with me to see what Tristan and I get up too – highlights after the jump.

First off two more Tristan Cuddly Defender Bears have been sold!!! Which is totally awesome that the Cuddly Defenders are starting to be noticed at the shows, this time a Tristan Teddy Bear and a Teddy Bear Pocket Companion. It makes all the work I put into these with Dot from Dotsbear.com worth while.

Other fun highlights, was my son trying to sell one of my Deadpool card to random people on a bet, and then finally selling it. I think he only creeped out and scared a dozen away with his direct approach you randomly on the street marketing. And my Daughter sold a book through the power of large blue puppy dog eyes… If I could harness that power I could rule the world! It was great to have them with me for the entire weekend and for them to see how hard I am working to make my dream happen.

I sold an original art piece, another one of my Cuddly Sketches, this time the Tenth Doctor played by David Tennant as a Teddy Bear; you can check out this piece in the Cuddly Sketches section under the art tab. I still feel odd when I sell something I’ve drawn, I guess it’s because I don’t see myself as an artist or feel my work rates that high. But… It made the Customer happy and that makes me feel good that my work can do that.

Plus I also had a 40 minute conversation with an aspiring writer about how I write and work around my procrastination impulses. I think the subject will make for a great blog and she left either inspired or very confused by how I write, the trick may be to just write, but it how you just write that makes the difference. More on that later this week.

What makes a good show great is your table buddies that are shoulder to shoulder with you, in your part of the world for the show. This time in the trenches I was joined by Scott from Time for hugs, who has an amazing little webcomic about the Grims, the ones that aren’t as famous as the Grim Reaper, go check it out. Scott is a funny guy and is finding his feet pretty fast with a genuine unique book. Standing on my other shoulder was Michael Bracco of Spaghetti Kiss fame, this was the first time I’ve bumped into Michael even though he goes to almost all the same shows as me. I love the art style of his books and he was busy all weekend, great guy.

Of course Mr HSQ Andre Campbell was just a little further up from me, great guy who puts up with a lot of ribbing from me, and I have total respect for his work, his books and his ethic. If you ever see Heritage Comics at an event check out his books it will be worth it believe me!

Right I think that is it… Books were sold, slowly the word about Tristan the Teddy Bear is getting out,  my Cuddly Sketch Prints proved again to be popular and I learned a few more lessons on how to present and pitch my work. Next even is the Southern Maryland Comic con… See you there!

Oh, before I go… Keep an eye on the Enoch Pratt Library Flickr feed, you might see a British Guy in a Kilt hold a very large library card, and a Teddy Bear.

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