Opinion – Yes… I have faith but in a different way than you might have…

Sky BannerI ran into this today on a Facebook post, I was accused because I do not go to church that I do not believe in God, that I will burn in hell for my views. All this came from my view that the USA is not a Christian nation, but a nation of many faiths, ideals and outlooks. I found this entire conversation about my faith offensive and find out why after the jump.

You see and this answer wont surprise some of you, but may also surprise a few of you, I do believe in God… I just worship in a different way and just because I choose to not go to Church does not make your faith greater than mine. I’ve also always made it known I am highly skeptical of organized religion in any form as history has shown it has caused more harm than good. And I feel in many ways I believe mine interruption is purer.

I pray to God every day by practicing my skills that I have been given by improving them I am worshiping God, and showing that I value those skills by getting better at what I do. The knock on effect means at some point I may get so good that I will be able to create a miracle through my abilities.

If my statement confuses you then consider this; a Surgeon may have been born with the gift of surgery, but only through practice will he get better and only then will he create a miracle on his table by saving a life.

That is what I believe, that is what I try to do everyday, I am no better than you, no worse than you, I don’t question your beliefs or belittle them. When I pass on and face whatever is to come when we leave this reality I will face it knowing I did what I could with what I had, and did all I could to improve my lot and those around me. Can anything more be asked of me? Is that all we can ask of each other?

Be excellent to each other now.

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