The @BaltimoreComics #BCC2013 photo roundup and Tristan the Teddy Bear meets the #Cosplayers

Start the show with a little Captain Morgan Confidence

Start the show with a little Captain Morgan Confidence

Phew… It is done… All the prep… All the anticipation… Came down to two days at Baltimore Comic con 2013, it was fun, it was hectic, I would have liked to see more of the convention, but I was pinned to my little corner of the hall again. It was a good couple of days, all the advance work played off and I am happy with the mild-success, and recognition we got at this show.

I sit here hours after the convention has closed, my left knee has stiffened, I’ve got a lung full of con-crud and my lower back has decided to not work anymore. It is time for the roundup in pictures as each one speaks a thousand words… So here we go…

Thank you to everyone who visited us in our little corner of the convention at Artist Alley Booth A45 and for the compliments for the work we are doing with Tristan and the Teddy Bear Tales.  I have a lot of plans for that little Teddy Bear and I hope to be able to make most of them happen. Also the jewelry of Charmingly Geeky proved to very popular and I am sure that success will encourage Jean to expand the range. Lots of work ahead and see you all next year 🙂

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