The March on Baltimore Comic Con Day Two – Visit me at #BCC2013 Artist Alley Booth A45 for Original Tales of Adventure

Tristan and the Cuddly DefendersThe March on Baltimore Comic Con 2013 continues… Today we highlight the books both narrative and comic based that have written and will be bringing to my Artist Alley Booth A45.

First up is The Teddy Bear Tales I and II – these fully illustrated stories of adventure feature Tristan the Teddy Bear as he protects first his child, and then children everywhere from the evil Bogeyman and his Monsters under the bed. Written in a gleefully style by Nick Davis and illustrated by Dan Nokes, these stories are for all ages and for anyone who ever had a Teddy Bear.

Next inspired by the Teddy Bear Tales we have my first full color comic book – Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders. This 24 page comic is a preview of the upcoming graphic novel that takes our heroic Tristan the Teddy Bear into a new set of adventures. This time is he teamed up with the Cuddly Defenders, a small bear called Archer and Wilma Bunny. Together they defender the World within a World, and Children’s bedrooms from the evil Bogeyman and his Monsters under the bed. Written by Nick Davis, and illustrated by Dan Nokes, this Baltimore Comic Con exclusive is sure to sell out fast so join us to pick up this first all-ages Cuddly Defenders comic book.

For all of you who love a good Once Upon a Time story, the original all-ages fantasy adventure stories The Wonder Tales will be available in a printed format that collects together the first six stories that feature The Archer and his Horse. These tales are high fantasy set in the mysterious land of the Ninth Kingdom and feature firebirds, flying Pirate ships, evil Witches, dim-witted Trolls, fearsome Ogres and a talking Horse.

Also available will the be gentle fully illustrated Once Upon a Time Wonder Tale The Daughter of Frost, a fairy tale I wrote for my Daughter. Written in the traditional style of good is good, evil is evil and always comes to a sticky end, this tale of happiness, music and love is a spellbinding introduction to the magic of The Wonder Tales.

Fabula Exposition Cover

Fabula Exposition Cover

Fabula Zero Exposition was my first real trip into writing a graphic novel comic book story featuring Superheroes and Ninjas. This isn’t your traditional superhero story though… Exposition twists your reality as it jumps between comic book action and narrative story telling as we follow the mis-adventures of Jack a comic book writer with a huge case of writers block. After getting the lead write on a flagship comic book Jack cannot finish his story and his characters start to come alive to finish it for him. Throwing Jack into all sorts of comic book adventures from facing Giant Robots to fighting Ninjas dangling above a comic book convention. This is the most unique graphic novel you will ever read and will leave you wondering just what reality is Jack in?

Speaking of realities I will also be bringing Sigmartyr – They Shall inherit an unofficial action figure comic book, a 42 page graphic novel that is set in an Apocalyptic reality were only bio-engineered Soldiers are left to fight a long forgotten war. This is a photo action comic book that uses Stikfas figures to tell a dark action adventure. Stylized in the traditional English Battle comics, this is a dark and grim tale that pulls no punches.

And finally moving up the age scale with a story that is a mature teen/young adult adventure is dark narrative adventure The Tether Saga, the story of Sarah teenage girl who has reluctantly been thrust into the role of our realities protector. She is aided in this task by CT the Grandson of the original Protector and by Paul, a Guardian Angel of sorts that she controls via the Tether device. This adventure is set on the streets of Baltimore and will leave you watching the shadows. The story is planned as a trilogy and currently The Tether and Accept One are available.

Quite a list, eh? Nine original stories of adventure that you wont find anywhere else at Baltimore Comic Con, come and check out all the action at Artist Alley Booth A45.

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