A Teddy Bear Tale Concept – Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders get a Retro-Future/Diesel-punk make-over

Retro-Future Cuddly Defenders Concept by Nick Davis

Retro-Future Cuddly Defenders Concept by Nick Davis

I’ve had this image in my mind for sometime, I wanted to give the Cuddly Defenders a kind of Buck Rodgers Retro make over and here it is. From left to right, Archer, Tristan and Wilma completed with fun Retro-future/Diesel-punk make-over ready to take on the Bogeyman and the Monsters under the Bed.

This Teddy Bear Tale concept was completed on tan paper with markers and black ink, highlights were completed with charcoal pencil. If you are interested in buying this piece you can get it from my Artist Alley Booth A45 at Baltimore Comic Con on September 7 to 8.

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