Opinion – Nerdrage goes to far Ben Affleck Death threats over casting for the next Batman/Superman movie #Batfleck

I am Batman by Nick Davis

I am Batman by Nick Davis

What is a fan? It is after all short for fanatic, but what is fanatic…

fanatic [fəˈnætɪk]


1. a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits
2. Informal a person devoted to a particular hobby or pastime; fan a jazz fanatic

adj a variant of fanatical

As fan’s we are devoted to our hobby be it reading, drawing or creating, but as fan’s we can let ourselves down and over the casting of the next Batman I am ashamed to say it has gone to far. The rant begins after the jump…

I’ve been reading reports today of fanatical Bat-fans who have been in a complete frothing at the mouth nerdrage over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. A lot if it was unfounded and nothing I’ve not seen before for other Batman casting announcements, we saw it for Anne Hathaway, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale and even for the first movie Batman Michael Keaton. Everyone has their own idea of who will play this dark, driven vigilante so no choice… No choice at all would please the fanatics. Okay, I will admit with Ben Affleck it was a surprise, but based on his Daredevil performance he will nail this role. After all it isn’t too complicated to do. Even Michael Keaton said he could have done it while reading a book.

But now it has gone to far… There are death threats… And this my friends is not funny.

Threatening a life over something as trivial as a movie role? How is the acceptable behavior? At what point are you such a fanatic that you tip over the edge and threaten lives? Some say it is because of their passion for the character… Me I will say this… You’re a dick… Everything that is wrong about a fan is you. Not only are you a dick, but you’re a murderous dick on the level of a Terrorist because you are prepared to use the violence of taking a life to exercise your opinion. There is something wrong with your head… Very wrong…

As fan’s we will moan and complain about roles and movies, I still think Man of Steel is the worst Superman movie ever, but it was nothing to threaten a life over. Get a life. The ironic thing you who condone, who support, who think and commit these death threats are the very thing your idol Batman fights against…

I am sad, I am disappointed, I don’t care if my words here lose me fans because you are the sort of fans I don’t want to have. I enjoy Superheroes, I enjoy comics, I see the joy, the escapism, the romance, the passion that this genre, that this hobby brings to so many. And you… Mr Big Man Death Threat steals that, will you be the next nut out to kill innocent people at the opening of this movie? Are you going to blame the casting of Ben Affleck for your own malfunction?

Why so serious?

You are ugly… Seriously fucking get over yourself…

Rant over…

Be careful with the Earth.
Nick Davis

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