The Journey Ends with the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith now a Cuddly Doctor Who Sketch Card

The Eleventh Doctor by Nick Davis

The Eleventh Doctor by Nick Davis

About two weeks ago I started my whovian quest to draw all eleven Doctor’s from Doctor Who, and now I am at my journey’s end.  The Eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith in the 2010 Doctor Who TV Series.  This Doctor was much more confrontational than his last incarnation, a quick-tempered but compassionate man whose youthful appearance is at odds with his more discerning and world-weary temperament. In many ways he shared a lot of characteristics with the second Doctor.

Although the Doctor puts on a façade of cheerful arrogance, he secretly believes himself to be a bad person and often displays self-loathing for the things he has done throughout his life. The Eleventh Cuddly Doctor completes my journey this Cuddly Sketch Card was finished in black ink, charcoal and watercolors pencils.

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