The Eighth Doctor Paul McGann from the Doctor Who TV Movie and now Cuddly Sketch Card

The Eighth Doctor by Nick Davis

The Eighth Doctor by Nick Davis

We are getting close to what is considered the modern era Doctor’s with the illustration for the Eighth Doctor played by Paul McGann in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. This movie was intended to revive the Doctor for new audience by making him a little more human and more of an action hero. What happened was a little bit of a mess that left many fans a bit cold, and while the movie was intended to be a pilot for Fox, we can at least thank our stars that it wasn’t picked up.

After the movie the Eighth Doctor holds the distinction of his adventures are extensively portrayed in other media such as audio dramas and books. It was this Doctor that took part in the final days of the Time War. The Eighty Cuddly Doctor is finished in black ink and watercolor pencil.

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