My Doctor Who Cuddly Sketch Card quest continues with the Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy

The Seventh Doctor by Nick Davis

The Seventh Doctor by Nick Davis

Today in Whovian news we learned who would play the Twelfth Doctor, an actor who has is fairly familiar to the Doctor Who series Peter Capaldi who will for the first time in ten years will bring a much older face to the Doctor. This post isn’t about that though… My quest to make a Cuddly Doctor continues with the Seventh Doctor played by Sylvestor McCoy in the 1987 Doctor Who TV series.

This Doctor started off as a clown, but quickly became much darker as Sylvestor brought  more machiavellian edge to the character with plans within plans. It was though too little too late and the Seventh Doctor’s reign ended with the cancellation of the series.  The Seventh Cuddly Doctor is finished in black ink and watercolor.

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