Immigration Update!!! The long wait is now over USCIS are finally granting me a Green Card

Green CardI’ve held off any immigration updates because there really has not been one on make. From the panicked rush of filing my Adjustment of Status with the miracle of all your help, well wishes and assistance it turned into a very, very long wait. For the last two years I have logged into my USCIS status update to see the same ‘processing’ message. But today is different and I finally have some real good news to share. My Green Card is on its way!

Yes, you read that right!!!

USCIS are finally granting me a Green Card!!!

I’ve been on the track to get a green card for thirteen years as of August 8. Along the way I’ve had misfortune, mishaps, divorce, and lost one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. Then I came within a hair’s breath of being deported after I lost my Non-Immigrant status and had to appear in Federal Immigration Court to prove that I had the legal right to remain in the USA.

But thanks to all your support, and actually meeting the legal precedent set by Matter of Sesay, which allowed me a second chance to apply to adjust my status via my first wife’s marriage. I legally met all their conditions and the USCIS granted me an unconditional Green Card good for the next 10 years (Citizenship 2018 here I come!)

Throughout this immigration journey I have walked the entire gambit of status from Non-Immigrant K1 then K2, to undocumented, to being called a None Person by the MPA HR Director (who should have known better). I have lived in the very real fear of losing everything and finding USCIS Agents at my door, to finally becoming a fully legal permanent resident. This is the best news of the year so far! This opens so many more doors and it has been a very, very, very long wait…

My friends I am now a LPR fully documented and legal immigrant, with full Legal Permanent Resident rights.


Next stop… Citizenship!

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