The Royal Birth and if you care it is a Prince!

Catherine, William and Baby CambridgeMonday was an interesting time on twitter and facebook, a good chunk of the social media sphere was alight with the news that Prince William and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge were heading to St. Mary’s Hospital; and that Catherine was in labor.

The odd thing is I only learned about this via social media by the several dozen status updates I read proclaiming their complete lack of interest/care about the Royal birth. In fact many of my friends put so much effort proclaiming their lack of interest it made me start thinking that perhaps they are more interested than they want to world to know.

Me… My surprise that Catherine was in labor you can tell how much I was following the story and a true representation on how I cared. It was though good to start a Monday with some good fluffy news for a change. Congratulations on ‘Baby Cambridge’ a boy born on Monday July 22nd 2013 at 4.20p.m.

Now brace yourselves as the too cool to care posts continue 😉

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