Atlas, the Robot that now walk’s amongst us… Science fiction is fast becoming fact!

atlasx299Meet Atlas,  a biped free-standing environment aware rescue robot able to move around his surroundings and manipulate them. It is finally here the true dawning of an age I thought I would never see. Atlas is going to be the Grandfather of the Robots we read about in Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot or in 2000AD ABC Warriors, watched as Cylons on TV or as the friendly Androids in Star Wars.

The future is now and it is getting very, very exciting. To me Atlas is the first recognizable step towards the robotic tropes of our imagination, he is the Apple Computer that birthed the entire personal computer age… Twenty to thirty years from now they will be walking amongst us as common as that hand-held computer in your hand.

To learn more about the amazing Atlas and the latest developments in Robotics at the DARPA  please click here.

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