Comic Review – Lilith Dark Issue #4 by CDowd… Eat or be Eaten

LilithDark4Title – Lilith Dark #4
Writer/Artist – CDowd
Publisher – Indie
Website –

This Saturday while I was at Annapolis Comic Con I picked up Issue #4 of fun Monster book Lilith Dark – the tale of a little Girl with an over active imagination and a tree full of actual Monsters.  When we left Lilith in Issue #3 she had proclaimed herself Queen of the Monsters and her Sister was about to be served up for Dinner. Which is totally not Choco Pizza, but ranks higher than Meat Loaf!!!The book continues with its innocent charm this time Big Brother Dewey attempts to come to the rescue of his two sisters, while Lilith still seems completely oblivious of the danger she is in and thanks to Spoon now owns the helmet of her dreams. I have to say I am enjoying this book, the CDowd does a great job with the art and the story is fun to read.

I do kind of wish that we are seeing Lilith go on the imaginative journeys she was having in her first book, and dragging everyone else along with her. But I understand what CDowd is doing here, Lilith for all her feistiness is still a very young girl and the danger in his book is alarming real, or at least seems to be at the moment. Not as much fun as the first three books, but it establishes what is going to happen next. Checkout the book and learn more about Lilith Dark here.

3.5 thumbs up out of 5

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