Movie Review – Man of Steel so when is Superman not Superman?

MOS-GraphicYou knew this was going to happen… the Man of Steel movie review. I am going to keep this fairly short as this movie does nothing but polarize the viewer. You will love it or you will hate it. I will let you guess what side I come down on.

This is no more a Superman movie than the Batman movie was really a movie about Batman. DC seems to have a huge problem with their live action Superheroes actually being heroic… Which is odd because DC really does kick ass with their animation features and series. This live action Man of Steel is not a Superman movie it is missing that innocent joy and wonder you associate with this character.

You see and feel the Batman Nolan hand of hyper realism – a realism that should not exist in a superhero movie, after what is realistic about a man who can fly in the first place? It seems the MCU handles the basic fact that Superheroes are a little cheesy and embraces it, while DC loses their head and decides that everyone will be Batman all the time. So we are left with moody tension, unclear CGI, washed out colors and the lead character basically not being heroic – it all just makes you throw your arms up and go… Why?

I never thought I would say that at least the Green Lantern movie tried to capture the feel of a superhero, at least Hal attempted to save lives at the cost to himself and didn’t go Emo before doing it. If Man of Steel is the gateway into the DC movie universe I don’t want to continue this journey. I’ve already seen Batman and now Superman be pale imitations of their heroic comic book selves in DC’s quest to make everything realistic and grounded. I cannot imagine just how badly they would handle the entire Justice League… It will be an entire team of heroes just looking round and saying, “Meh… Not feeling it today…”

What the Man Of Steel does represent well is what happens when nigh-unstoppable Aliens use our world as a battleground with no regards for human life at all – it does this brilliantly. I cannot recommending this movie… It really isn’t what you think it is going to be going in… It has no heart.

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