Tristan and I will see you at Annapolis Comic Con – Saturday June 29 10 – 6

Annapolis Comic Con 2013The next convention is upon us and it is the most excellent and fun Annapolis Comic Con at the Roger “Pip” Moyer Recreation Center in Annapolis (click here for directions). Tristan and I will be there along with the Teddy Bear Tales illustrated book, the Cuddly Sketch Cards and new Teddy Bear Super Hero themed art plus much more… Learn what else after the jump…

Captain America Bear by Nick Davis

Captain America Bear by Nick Davis

Along with the cool Teddy Bear Gear from Pocket Protector Tristan’s and the Cuddly Sketch Cards you can pick up original art and prints of traditional heroes and cartoon characters drawn by my hand. Also the full selection of Alt-World books will be there with Fabula Zero Exposition the most unique Graphic Novel ever written with added Ninjas, Sigmartyr an Action Figure comic, The Tether Saga and the Wonder Tales the original all ages Once Upon a Time adventure in the Ninth Kingdom of fantasy adventures.

All this and more… Come and join me at Annapolis Comic Con Saturday June 29th 10 – 6 for a great day of comic celebration and wonderment.  For full details about this event, the guests, artists, and panels (I will be appearing on the Dr Who panel) please click here.

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