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Me and my Kids on Fathers Day

Me and my Kids on Fathers Day

Been a couple of weeks since I last posted to my blog. I’ve used this time to collectively get my breath, write, draw and generally just take a little break from the exhausting Kickstarter campaign that was the Teddy Bear Tales new comic book – Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders. I am also getting ready for a brand new job and what looks like a new chapter in my life. I accepted a position with Baltimore County as a Web Page Coordinator, it is very similar to my older Maryland State position with the Ports Administration and what I hope will be me getting back on the career ladder again. It means less of a struggle for my family, benefits and respect of my peers.

This of course means I’ve left Ace Sportswear which oddly enough I am kind of sad about.  I joined what I thought was a promising start up with the hope help it and found out my opinion, thoughts, ideas, energy and ambition were not wanted and I was barely listened too. It turned into an experience, that although educational, I will never place myself into again. I leave Ace with a better website, a restructured less buggy store but not really anything other than that… Sad really because I wanted to make an impression there just never allowed to do anything.

It is though time to move on now… New job, new prospects, new software, new skills to learn and a return to an environment that I am more used to working in. I’m kind of scared because I don’t know if I can match up to expectations, but also excited because of all the opportunities that are opening up again in front of me. Gods… It is good to have a career back again.

Rose on art board using acrylic on a pencil guide applied with a flat-brush.

Rose on art board using acrylic on a pencil guide applied with a flat-brush.o

Also… It is time to give back a little… I am now an Art Instructor for Michaels Craft Stores, which means I will be teaching art technique, style and encouraging people to partake in art which I am really looking forward too. Over the last year I’ve had this urge to start teaching what I know and while my own technique may not be solid and there are other Artists out there with greater skill being able to give back, to show people what art has done to me and how it helped pick me up is going to be an amazing experience.

Professionally I am in much better place than I was a year ago with a wide berth of opportunities in front of me to grow and to provide for those I love.

Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders concept by Dan Nokes

Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders concept by Dan Nokes

Dream wise I’m now been afforded the opportunity to turn my accidental Teddy Bear Tales character Tristan into a comic book and with that I hope Tristan will reach a much wider audience. For me this is amazing to see Tristan grow from a few words, into story, into an illustrated story and now into a comic book character. This has been a long dream to write a comic book, something I said I wanted to do way back in my Itec days in Leicester in the early 90’s… Now it is happening 🙂

On an Immigration note I am still at a status quo. I am still afforded the benefits of the process while my application just seems to sit in limbo. I check everyday in the hope of a decision but this part of my life is in idle. Been a full year now and in many ways it is holding me back and this is the only thing that is niggling at me.

Life happens when you least expect it...

Life happens when you least expect it…

In all though… Been quite an eventful first six months of the year…. Life begins at 40, eh?

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