Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders all-ages comic fully funded on Kickstarter!!! Thank you all!!! Tristan Lives!!!

Tristan explores the World within a World - Art by Dan Nokes

Tristan explores the World within a World – Art by Dan Nokes

We did it, it has been a long crazy and sometimes stressful 45 days but thanks to you all the next step in Tristan the Teddy Bears adventures have begun in the Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders. And you all made it happen on *Kickstarter – click here to learn more about this comic book! Not me, not the soon to be very busy Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes… But you… Everyone of you that pledged, that shared this project. Everyone who joined the Grand Teddy Bear Army. Everyone that told someone about this all-ages comic book you all made this project fly and I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness.

Thank you for tolerating the last month of constant tweets, Facebook status updates, demands for retweets, updates, blatant spams and begging for pledges. We will now return to normal service as I begin work of collating and producing this comic book for you all to receive and read. The aim is to get this book out to you and released by Baltimore Comic Con in September.

I would like to mention along with all your constant sharing and barking, this project has been noticed and retweeted by Rob Liefield, Ed Brubaker, Josh Adam, Erik Larsen, Michael Oeming, Top Cow, Devils Due, Collectors Corner, Geeks of Doom, Golden Apple Comics, a tonne of Indie presses who now owe many favors too and many others who have all done an amazing job shouting about this project. The reach Tristan has had with this project has been very impressive for  little Teddy Bear.

I am now as you imagine very tired, a little deflated after a long push and wearily stand proud now and shout the battle cry Tristan Lives!!! The Kickstarter fundraising is done we got 104% of our goal, now the means is there for this project to come to life. Time to take a quick deep breath this is the brief pause before the real work is about to begin…

Watch out for updates, artwork and glimpses of this upcoming story over the next couple of months.

I thank you all again…

Now say it with me!!!


*Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website were you can pledge money towards projects created by artists, writers, inventors and in turn receive the item they want to create, and in many cases special rewards. It is little like micro-investing were you get ownership of the product, become involved in the project and help it fly. The website is very revolutionary and an amazing place for people with the idea, the know-how, but not quite the funds to get started to find their funding. The only rule is if you don’t make full funding you do not get a penny. Making these fundraisers an all for nothing and very stressful affair especially if you are close to making your goal and time is running out.

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