Matt Smith stands down from Eleventh Doctor Who the era of the bow tie is over…

matt-smithIt was going to happen eventually, but now it is official Matt Smith is officially leaving his role as the Eleventh Doctor and will be leaving Doctor Who after the Christmas special (click here for BBC America source). I was wondering when he was going to vacate the role, we have had over the last season a pretty poor Doctor Who show, though no fault of Matt who has carried some pretty ropey writing and shown no matter the material he can make it fly. It is though a good time for Matt to leave and the timing might bring some of its lost viewers back.And what a perfect time to leave… It means the Christmas special will be watched by Whovians the world over as they wait to see what causes the death of the Eleventh (please let it it be an actual Machiavellian Master) and who will be number twelve.  Maybe this would be a good time to take the show off the air to give Moffat some room to write and vet good scripts and make us wonder when or how the Doctor will return.

Thank you Matt for embracing the role of the Doctor, for making the unwatchable watchable and for taking ball and running with it. You brought a unique playful spin to the Doctor, who has interacted with fans more, opened up and carried the show more than you should have had too. Thank you… I enjoyed your performance.


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