How I Picked Up A Pencil And Began The Climb Out Of Depression

Captain America Bear by Nick Davis

Captain America Bear by Nick Davis

Miss America Bunny by Nick Davis

Miss America Bunny by Nick Davis

Let’s start this post with some good news – I am now a Certified Grumbacher Acrylic Instructor which means sometime in the near future I will be teaching art and the use of Acrylic’s at a Michael’s Craft Store near you. I started the journey to become an instructor for a very specific reason, I wanted to pass on what art has done for me and how it helped me.

Before we get too deep into this post I also want to say because this is the day for it and gives a context to the opening image of Captain America Teddy Bear,  have a Happy Memorial Day and please take a five minutes of this day to remember those that have fallen to protect your freedoms. Cherish them and never… Ever give them away.

With that being said I want to draw light on something that happened to me last year. As you know 2012 was a very turbulent year for me I came closer than I would like to getting deported over a USCIS filing technicality, I had lost my job, I was unable to work and we were perhaps two months away from losing our home. I was depressed… I had given up with no hope of getting my old job back, I knew without a work permit I could not get a new job, in every aspect I was failing as my duty as a father to my children and as a husband. I gave up going to bed just falling asleep on the coach and getting more and more desperate every day as I tried to figure out just how… How could I make it all work… I was going to lose everything.

Then something strange happened, I picked up a pencil and started drawing, I still to this day don’t know what led me to do this – you can read the story behind that in ‘Drawing your way out of a bad life moment

Tristan the Defender by Nick Davis

Tristan the Defender by Nick Davis

What happened next is I got my motivation back, by creating, by drawing I had reignited my will and pulled myself line by line, watercolor and ink out of a depression. Without the use of anything other than expressing myself through art I managed to turn myself around. Within a month I had got my immigration status back, my work authorization and found a new job. All through the power of art.

It has had quite a significant effect on me…

And really I’ve only been back in the art saddle for a year and re-learning my long dormant skills and while I am no great artist I am finding the joy in my creations, being able to bring my writing into visual form is lighting the creative fires inside me. It helped bring Tristan to life, I could draw my heroic Teddy Bear and now with the help of Dan Nokes, and with the use of Kickstarter we are trying to launch a my first Teddy Bear Action comic ‘Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders’

My work can be found here at My Art, Teddy Bear Tales Art & The Cuddly Sketch Cards and I’ve actually had people buy my work which surprised me and in all creating, drawing, illustrating has been nothing but a positive experience for me and now I get a chance to pass this on.

I never claimed to be a great artist, indeed my art education while I was learning Graphic Design was pretty poor and the artist of my family actually is my older brother. But…I am now a Certified Art Instructor.

So now I can pass on how Art over the last year has literally saved me from falling into a huge depression, it literally saved my life. The power it had to pull me out of nose dive is amazing. If I can show this just one time and help someone in the way it helped me… Then in the long run it should be worth it. Kinda wish it all was simpler than is has been to get this far though.

One Year and about Two Months ago I picked up a pencil and began the climb out of depression. I hope you join me at my Art Lessons once I start with Michael’s as an Instructor and learn the power of art, of being creativity… Onwards..!

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