A Teddy Bear Tale Bedtime Story – Archer the Teddy Bears Little Big Adventure by Nick Davis

Archer-verses-CowboysThis is the story of one Teddy Bear’s adventure, not Tristan the Defender, but of another Teddy named Archer. As his name suggests this Bear is skilled in the use of a bow and is known throughout the World within a World as one of Tristan’s Cuddly Defenders – the protectors of Children, the innocent and the weak against the Evil Bogeyman and his Legions of Monsters under the Bed.

One day Archer and Tristan had an argument, it was a simple one, one that many friends have, they argued over which direction to take. Tristan wished to return to Safe Harbor and meet up with Wilma and their airplane the Golden Goose; while Archer wished to continue on the path they were on to see where it would lead. In time our friends parted for it was hard to argue with a Teddy Bear who does not speak. Tristan with shield slung over his shoulder going his way and Archer with stubborn pride continuing on the path he was set upon.

After a while Archer came across a small upturn wagon, around which were several folk from Little West; now a word must be said about them, they were small western people, blue, red or green of any hue or color and made of plastic. Little West Folk were made up of those Cowboys and Indians figures that every child has, but always seem to lose and they can at times be a mite bit ornery.

This time was no exception; they were none too pleased to see Archer although they are none too pleased to see any of what they call the big folk. It was not until Archer helped them right their wagon did they tell him they were attacked by a Monsters under the Bed known as Jug Head, who had upturned their wagon and would be returning with his Brother to carry them all away to serve as entertainment for the Evil Bogeyman.

This news startled Archer, for he heard word that no Monsters under the Bed were abroad this far in the World within the World, and Little West itself was always untouched by any troubles. Being as it was too small to be really noticed a fact that it’s folk took great pride in. As for Jar Heads they were amongst the largest of the Bogeyman’s Monsters even Tristan would be hard pressed to take them on, and Archer was not as strong as his friend. Bravely Archer volunteered to escort the Little West Folk to their Town and to see that they would not fall foul of anymore of the Monsters under the Bed.

For the most of the day they traveled along a dusty road, the Little Folk were not much for conversation but were long on means stares. Archer was soon finding himself glad they would be soon be upon Little West and they could part company. Indeed all they had to do travel through Two Horse pass and they would be in Little West.

Simple plans though are never that easy and Archer spied two Jar Heads blocking their way. These big hulking Monsters spotted Archer and his party as well, and started to charge toward them. With little time to defend his charges Archer bravely stood his ground and let his boxing glove arrow fly – And fly it did hitting one of the Jar Heads cleanly on the nose knocking him clean-over. His friend grew angry and his paced quickened.

Archer fired off several more arrows each one hitting their mark and not one slowed down the powerful Jar Head. He ordered the Folk to flee in their wagon into Little West, saying he would do his best to hold the Monster off. The Little Folk did not need telling twice and they rode off as fast as their wagon would let them – leaving Archer to face the now very angry and looming Jar Head.

With ease Archer avoided the Jar Heads charge, peppering the Monsters back with his sticky arrows. He dodged the second blow tripping the Jar Head with his bow, the third he ducked under, but the fourth caught the brave Teddy Bear and he went flying across the pass hitting a wall so hard he lost his breath.

Now dazed Archer stumbled away from the Jar Head, and not for the first time wishing his child had put some faith in him so he could be as strong as Tristan. He rolled with the Monsters next blow and found his feet spying a large loose boulder that might just fall if he hit it with an arrow on the Jar Heads… well… head…

Using two more arrows he distracted the Monsters and let fly with his last arrow knocking the boulder loose. With hope in his heart Archer watched as it fell, hitting the Jar Head squarely on his head. The brute groaned took a step forward, crossed his eyes and fell face first at Archer’s feet.

The tired and bruised Teddy Bear cheered, for he had won a great victory. He was though quite tired from his fight sat down next to the Monsters pulling his arrows off its back. Luckily he caught a glimpse of a large shadow falling over him and jumped up just as the Jar Head he thought knocked out by his Boxing Glove slammed both fists into the ground right where he was just sitting. Out of arrows Archer ran jumping from rock to rock, from cover to cover keeping just ahead of this second Monster hoping a plan would appear. He ran, dodged, jumped and ducked until he got to the end of the pass to find his way unexpectedly blocked.

The Jar Head roaring followed him angry at being knocked over by a very silly arrow and getting angrier that this little Teddy Bear would not stay still for him to hit quite hard. Blindly he chased the Bear out of the pass and skidded to a stop. In front of him stood Archer, arms folded and a grin on his face. Behind the smirking Teddy Bear was a large posse of Little West Folk on top of their mixed colored plastic horses all pointing their shooting irons at him. A blue colored Cowboy with a wide-brimmed hat and mustache rode next to Archer and pointed his little rifle at the Jar Head. He said that they had no argument with other folk unless they had an argument with them, and that they will defend them, there’s and folk that helps them from any disagreement, and he should get going while things were still all civilized and all.

While a Jar Head is big and not all that smart, unlike other Monsters in the Bogeyman’s employ he knew when he was out numbered. So the Monster shook his fist vowing he would return and left Little West to their own.

The Blue Cowboy turned to Archer, thanked him for his help and told him to get going too. For the folk of Little West did not take too kindly to strangers even those that helped them, wishing only to be left to their own style of doing things.

Archer smiled, thanked the Cowboy and his posse, and waved goodbye promising he would make sure no big folk would come to Little West unless asked first. The Teddy Bear then left, collecting his arrows along the way and was very soon picked up by Wilma Bunny and Fernando the Lion in the Golden Goose who had spent the day looking for him.

But that is a tale for another time… Safe to say this little tale is done in its telling for now…

The End

This is a story set around the events in Tristan & the Cuddly Defenders Comic, to learn more about this upcoming all-ages Teddy Bear Action Adventure Comic and how to contribute to its Kickstarter please click here.

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