Join Tristan and Me for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Chucks Comics May 4th

FCBD13ChucksComicsThis May 4th for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY I will be at my LCS Chucks Comics celebrating the day and being allowed once again through the kindness of Captain Chuck to sell my wares. So please join me for this fun little event, I will be bringing along all the Cuddly Sketch Cards including my Chucks Comics Exclusive FCBD.

My FCBD Exclusive - Captain Chuck Sketch Card

My FCBD Exclusive – Captain Chuck Sketch Card

In addition I will be there with the illustrated Teddy Bear Tales, The Tether Saga paranormal action novels, The Wonder Tales; Once Upon a Time fantasy stories including the fully illustrated Daughter of Frost and Fabula Zero Exposition a graphic novel comic/prose mashup about what happens to a writer who develops writers block. Along with all this story goodness I will be bring original art and prints.



Captain Chucks Good Crew also have a number of amazing deals going on as well…. Over 50 back issues for $10 plus much, much more!!! I am really looking forward to seeing you all there…

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