Meet The Cuddly Defenders A Teddy Bear Tales illustration and a look at things to come…

CuddlyDefendersCoverOn Friday I was inspired by the Ty Templeton Tribute to Carmine Infantino and Roger Ebert. I was looking through the covers that Infantino created including this iconic one.

Carmine Infantino the first to give Batman his balls back

This Iconic Cover by Carmine Infantino the first artist to give Batman his balls back

After browsing through the covers that this Infantino cover inspired I too found myself similarly moved to have a go myself and the results you can see above. Below is the full version without the titles and graphics.

The Cuddly Defenders By Nick Davis

The Cuddly Defenders By Nick Davis

Also this cover may be a sneak peak of what is to come for the Teddy Bear Tales.

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