April Fool – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Production Company option A Teddy Bear Tale here we go!!!

The Rock meets Tristan the Teddy BearBreaking News!!! I just got off the phone with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Production Company and A Teddy Bear Tale featuring Tristan & Wilma the Cuddly Defenders who protect children from the Monsters under the Bed has been optioned by Brahama Bulls Production Company.
As reported by The Hollywood Reporter Dwayne Johnson was inspired by the evocative art piece of Alex Panagopoulos featuring a Teddy Bear protecting his child from a shadowy dragon; and has been looking for a story for this New Line co-production. When I noticed this I worked hard to bring A Teddy Bear Tale to the notice of the Rock and his management company and after a continuous twitter campaign by myself and fellow fans of A Teddy Bear Tale we have brought this indie production to Great One’s notice and now Tristan will be heading to pastures new with The Rock voicing the furry hero who champions children everywhere.

Looks like our little bear who started life laying dusty and abandoned on a shelf is now heading to the bright lights of Hollywood. I promise I wont let the limelight go to his head. Thank you all for your help and please tweet the Rock at @TheRock a thank you for picking up A Teddy Bear Tale.

Edit – Yes, this is an April’s Fool joke. However the Rock is producing a Teddy Bear Tale movie and I have been tweeting him about A Teddy Bear Tale in the hopes he will notice the book and maybe adopt it for this movie. To learn how to help this become a reality please click here.

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