The official release of The Daughter of Frost – illustrated edition a fairy tale I wrote for my Daughter

The Daughter of Frost by Nick Davis

The Daughter of Frost by Nick Davis

This was a long time in coming, with everything that could go wrong in a publishing project going wrong from bad printing, delayed shipping I was half expecting the Dread Pirate Roberts to intercept it. The Daughter of Frost, the fairy tale I wrote for my Daughter to have one story that starts with Once Upon a Time I could tell to her is now done.  This 5-tale on the Nook has now been fully illustrated by the amazing Terra Bidlespacher of and is available across a number of new formats

DaughterofFrostFrontCover200The Daughter of Frost is now available for you to buy in print or an eBook format of your choice such as Kindle, Kobo or Nook. To learn more about this Wonder Tale and the book formats you can buy it in please click here.

I would also like to take this moment to thank everyone on Kickstarter for their patience and backing this project. I truly hope the wait was worth it, this book has been a labor of love and a story that is unique in its telling. The road for this tale has been long and I thank you all for believing in me 🙂

Now pick up the book, take a look at what everyone is talking about on the Nook and start believing in the magic of Once Upon a Time again…


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