The day I almost met Stan Lee but just walked straight past him instead…

Stan 'Da Man' Lee

Stan ‘Da Man’ Lee

Throughout our lives we do incredibly dumb things and here is one of my most dumbest, read on and enjoy. In this little story I almost touched a comic book legend. Let me take you all back to Baltimore Comic Con 2012 I was in the artist alley up near the regular comic book artists and busy pitching my books. It was a great convention and as always is the case with BCC a good vibe of a show. It was during one of my very quick breaks from my table on a Sunday that the ‘incident’ happened.

Rushing back to my table after visiting the bathroom,  I brushed past an old man wearing beige clothing with silver hair wearing glasses, he was walking a little stooped I quickly apologized and then lost him in the crowd. You see this old man was dressed like this chap in the picture below.

Cosplayer Kris Lee (Psylocke) meets Stan Lee at Baltimore Comic Con 2012

Cosplayer Kris Lee (Psylocke) meets Stan Lee at Baltimore Comic Con 2012

Yes, that is right on this day I brushed past a living legend. In my rush I had almost knocked over Stan Lee and never even realized it!!! If I had taken just a moment to really look I would have completed a childhood dream. So my loyal readers the moral of this story is simple, if you don’t pause to look around once in a while, the entire world will pass you by without you even noticing. At least I guess I can say I kind of met one of my idols… Yeah… I’m an idiot…

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