New Ironman 3 Trailer with extra added armor and Sir Ben Kingsley scenery chewing…

Iron-Man-3-with-Robert-Do-0101Big hype about the release of the new Ironman 3 trailer, countdowns and exclusive images released all over the Internets and now it is out. The first Ironman movie release set a benchmark of what comic book movies should be, good action, a little tongue in cheek and story told well. It is after all a book about a man who flies around in a suit of armor, so disbelief can be suspended and it becomes a good popcorn muncher… Unlike the grind of the Batman movies and the huge missed opportunity that was the Green Lantern film. The question is from the trailer does Ironman 3 live up to classic of the original – see the trailer after the jump.

In many ways it looks like it does, I’m not a huge fan of go bigger or go home movie making, but I did pop when I saw all the armors in action and as Tony’s Marvel film world expands we are getting nods towards War Machine (now in Iron Patriot colors) and my dear hope that we see Pepper in her Rescue Armor. I am sure Robert Downey Jr is more than capable of taking Tony from his irrelevant narcissist self to a much darker driven path in this movie and I love Sir Ben Kingsley’s scenery chewing in this trailer.

Looks like we have a good movie on our hands here, doesn’t feel like all the good bits are in the trailer and we are in for a good ride. Now enjoy the trailer below.

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