Marvel at the most startling swamp creature illustration of them all The Man-Thing

The Startling Man-Thing by Nick Davis

The Startling Man-Thing by Nick Davis

Today I was challenged to draw a Giant Sized Man-Thing by ingenious show promoter Ben Penrod. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I could do it as it’s an awfully large piece of paper to fill and it has actually been a long time since I’ve drawn anything that large; choosing instead to concentrate on my growing Cuddly Sketch Card range. But with a little encouragement I grabbed the bull by its horns and gave it go. The techniques are not much different to what I’ve been using in my more furry range of illustrations and the Man-Thing is extraordinary creation to draw. After looking at a lot of reference images I picked up my pencil and set out to create Man-Thing. From time starting to watercolor completion this illustration took me approximately three and a half hours. Below are my the work in progress images.

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