DA14 is a coming so don’t forget to duck!

Da14It is worth about $195 billion in mineral resources, is about 150 meters in length and is going to pass within 17,500 miles of us – which is really, really close! It you live in North America you’re not going to see it, but most of the world will be able to look up with good pair of Binoculars and see a shiney object streak through the night sky. Now DA14 is supposed to miss us, something they keep saying repeatedly, but… But… Would they say is going to hit if it was? This asteroid is about the same size as the one rumored to have caused the Tunguska event. Now that flattened about 800 square miles of trees and the effects were seen all over the world. Now most likely they are right this rock is going to miss I guess we will know by this time tomorrow as its flyby is going to happen tonight… Click Here to learn more about this Celestial Event 


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