Arriving on my doorstep The Daughter of Frost Illustrated Edition

DaughterofFrost-BooksOnce Upon a Time I started a Kickstarter project to get The Daughter of Frost, a fairy tale I wrote for my Daughter, illustrated. The Kickstarter project was successful and the last few months what started as a simple Kickstarter publishing project ran into problem after problem… Now though The Daughter of Frost – Illustrated Edition has finally arrived on my doorstep and now it is time to distribute it out to everyone who helped Kickstart this book. If you are interested in ordering the Fairy Tale I wrote for my Daughter, you can take a look at this tale of wonder, a classic story of love and the power of innocence by clicking here.

To everyone who supported this Kickstarter thank you! And I am deeply sorry for all the delays this project has been a quest all of its own. I hope you all enjoy and find your happily ever after in this beautiful new book.

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