OUT NOW!!! The Princess Archer’s adventures continue in The Wonder Tales Issue 10 – The Golden Comb

The Golden Comb

The Wonder Tales Issue #10 – The Golden Comb

Out Now!!!

Live the adventure and magic of Once Upon a time… The Princess Archer adventures continue in a land far, far away in Issue 10 of The Wonder Tales ‘The Golden Comb’ 

After finding Jiki Ninki the Goblin of the Crackling Mountain. The cunning old Goblin sets quest for the Princess Archer before he will answer the location to Baba Yaga’s door. Gwendolyn must travel to the Rolling Hills of Mist to find the Giant Panda Chung and get the Golden Comb from his collection, so the Goblin may comb his one remaining lock of hair. The Princess Archer and her companions Kurt the Werewolf and Tobisum the Inch High Samurai set out to find Chung in what seems a simple quest, but one that could end in great peril for them all…

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