Steampunk roles into Dieselpunk with this upcoming War of the Worlds Heavy Metal Animation

wotwshot07lWar of the World Goliath, an animated movie slated by Heavy Metal magazine as ongoing series has had a troubled birth. Now re-imagined as a complete movie this Steampunk/Dieselpunk story finally saw a limited release in 2013. Which means we might start seeing this out on DVD soon. The concept does look very interesting a world-wide defense force raised on the tech from the first Martian invasion, although like you I do remember how poor Heavy Metal animations usually end up being. The trailer is below and if you want to learn more click here.

[UPDATE 08/04/2016] I finally found this movie on Netflix, purely by accident, and sat down and watched it. I feels like we had half a promising animated movie and the rest was slammed together using clips, and stock footage – most likely when the money was running out. You can actually see the bits that were meant to be episodic and the entire movie is clumsily cut together to fit a 90 minute running time. This actually did have potential to be a really good story, but like most Heavy Metal productions it did not live up to the potential.

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