Marvel at the return of really bad action figures with the Iron Man 3 Assembles

A1781-Gold-Red__scaled_600This has to be a joke right? After the pretty cool Avengers Action Figures we get these turds as part of the Iron Man 3 release. Take a look at the extreme lack of basic articulation in the picture above and the gallery below after the jump. I had not realized 5 point articulation was back maybe it is a retro statement?

What makes these figures a bad turn is the “Hurrah” that Hasbro is making of them and the $10 price point they are expecting to charge.

Also we’ve seen innovative action figures from Hasbro with the 8″ Sigma Six figures, that also feature plugin weapons and interchangeable parts, and also have amazing articulation. It is boggling with all this toy technology we have something as basic and lazy as these Assembles. Still I guess the bargain bin has to be lined with something. So come on guys making good toys is not hard!

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