A look at the future with the Master Sculpts for the Monster under the Bed Miniatures

Tristan & No Name Sculpt FrontYou’ve seen Tristan and the No Name Monster appear a number times in updates over the last few months. These two Master Sculpts arrived in my mailbox today and this puts us one step closer to a possible new project for Tristan and the Monsters under the Bed. The plan is to eventually make a Monster under the Bed range much like those fun Monsters in your Pocket we had in our youth. As this project moves forward I will keep you updated, anyone want a set of Monsters and Tristan? All I need to do is find the funding, figure out how to get these cool miniatures cast in durable PVC plastic and how to promote the range… So any thoughts of were to start?

Tristan & No Name Sculpt Back

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