A Military Project uncovered to create the next Super-Soldier just how close are we to a real-life Captain America?

426px-CAtransformationJust how close are we to the real life creation of a Super-Soldier, that a Captain America will be walking amongst us? Wired has an interesting article about the USA Military researching these possibilities, a very own Weapon X right here on our shores? Will tomorrows troops be Mutant Powered? Just how close are to releasing this genie from the bottle? Click here to learn more.

Myself the idea of a real life Cap is pretty cool, to see some real life shield slinging, eh? Although the chances a real life Cap would be another Steve Rogers, with his convictions and soul are low. Would this unlock the next stage of human evolution and we would have to deal with a very real Wolverine? And then with all the advances in exoskeletons how long before someone straps armor on and becomes Ironman. It doesn’t take a futurist to see all these possibilities and that if we cross over that line there would be no turning back, the next arms race wont be for weapons, but for what can be unlocked inside us? Check out this article for more food for thought… Something to think about, eh?


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