Looking into 2013 with a few Resolutions of what I would like to do…

new-years-resolutions1All things equal on a personal and professional perspective I got a lot of things done during 2012, I’ve advanced the Teddy Bear Tales and giving Tristan more exposure. I’ve also started to figure out what to do with the all ages original fantasy fairy stories the Wonder Tales and looking back at some of my long form stories and thinking about sequels. On a personally level I’ve turned things around from where I was a year ago and have a greater hope for the future for my family here in the USA. I will never stop doing all that I can to be better than I am to be that what those I love see in me. Always stuff to do… But here is a quick to do list for 2013.

1. Launch Monsters in your Pocket Miniatures for the Teddy Bear Tales.
2. Complete the publishing of the illustrated Wonder Tales The Daughter of Frost.
3. Get a the Princess Archer illustrated and published.
4. Publish the Teddy Bear Tales comic book.
5. Finish writing Legends of an Englishman.
6. Advance my career to the next professional level.
7. Write new Wonder Tales.
8. Draw my first comic book.
9. Bring my family together.
10. Get published professionally.

As you can see a bit of a task list, lets see how much of this I can get done before the end of 2013, eh? Remember everyday do at least one thing that will advance your life goals and anything, everything is possible. These few resolutions are in addition to my ongoing attempts to be excellent to each other, get fitter and to love those with the love they show me unconditionally…

Now get out there and enjoy the New Year… See y’all there 🙂

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