Happy New Year and a look back at one more journey around the Sun

happy-new-year-20123Let’s start this blog with a huge positive, Happy New Year one and all and thank you for sticking with me as we journeyed around the Sun one more time. It has as I like to say been a bit of year hasn’t it? However, lets not dwell on that yet… Because we have a new year ahead of us one full of potential for adventures, love, life, and memories abound. Try to seize everyday and make each one your own, find the joy in the day and do one thing every day that will advance you towards your goal in life… Live, love and forever push onwards for only we can make meaningful changes in our life. Now go get em 😉If you’ve been following my blog as we traveled through space on Starship Earth you will know I started 2012 in a very bleak place, I had lost my immigration status, lost my Work Status, lost my job with Maryland Ports and my ability to provide for my family. I had nothing, only a slender chain of hope that things would get better in 2012 and for a while it got darker before any light shined on us. I was in clear and present danger of being deported and losing contact with my children. Something that was tearing me up inside and only through luck, UCIS Prosecution desecration I managed to find a loophole to win back my immigration status. The only problem it would take a considerable sum of money to refile all my paperwork… Something I no longer had access too… So I blogged about my woes and resigned myself to being deported and losing my family. Then a miracle happened… The blog I wrote must have touched People because it started to be shared, and I started receiving donations to help me. I was convinced it would never hit $50… But in the end over $1400 was raised and my path to return to full immigration status was restored. Although we are still waiting the result of my petition and the hope we were successful in gaining a Green Card I have hope that everyone’s well wishes will push this through. So we still have fingers crossed there… I am though still amazed by the kindness of strangers and I hope to repay you all that faith you have in me to help me remain here with my children.

Sadly though none of this was in time to save my position at Maryland Ports and I still had to wait out the processing time of my new Employment Authorization Document. With out the EAD I couldn’t claim unemployment so the first five months of 2012 was spent scrabbling for every dime to pay bills, to pay rent, pay for food and keep clothes on my children. We almost didn’t make it and I got my EAD and found a job.

I don’t wish this on anyone and unless you experience the madness of the Immigration services you have no right to ever comment on it. Think of it as Motor Vehicle Administration, but worse.

With this being the worse the year gave me, we had some highlights as well. I finally took my Teddy Bear books out onto the convention circuit and was met with some interesting results, I got the second Teddy Bear Tale printed, picked up a pencil and started to draw for myself, discovered the real joy in life, got Tristan sculpted for a new idea I am exploring. I saw my Daughter graduate and sing a wonderful song in chorus, learned new coding, wrote a new story, fought an ongoing battle with the lawn, learned how to draw Teddy Bear Superheroes, did my first ever convention commission sketch, got rejected from numerous Literary Agents and pushed my own publishing agenda. Saw my son become a teenager and see no matter what he is accepting responsibility and starting to form his goals in life.

I think we even had a brush with a couple of apocalyptic prophecies which turned out to be Mayans having a huge practical joke and a Conman taking people for a ride. I learned new things about myself and just how important it is to have adventure in your life even when you’re not expecting it. I’ve reconnected with old friends from unexpected sources and found new friends from equally places unseen.

This year has been tough, tougher than it should have been, but I’ve learned so much from it and now with 2013 just hours away I can move into knowing I have the love of My Girls, of my Children and no matter what they will always be there. I can draw strength from this and show them that I can be everything they all see in me and to show you can follow your dreams.

I don’t know what the next year will hold endless possibilities perhaps?

Happy New Year one and all 🙂



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