500 Word Flash Fiction – You can fly if you believe – extract from Dream a little Dream Notes

anime-clouds“Trust me you can do this…”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes… I would not say it if isn’t true all you need to do is believe… Now open your eyes…”

Jill looked back at Kirin, his long silver hair fluttering in the breeze with an infectious grin all over his face as he swiped the hair away from his face. He had to be kidding right? She looked into his silver eyes, no he wasn’t he was as serious as ever. She took a breath and looked down, the cliff face she stood upon was a sheer fall away; vertigo swam through her head and she could felt her knees go weak. There was no way she could do this, could she?

“Don’t worry I will go with you, said Kirin stepping next to her holding his hand out towards her, “here hold my hand.”

“But… I can barely see the bottom,” she stammered hardly daring to look down and deciding to just to close her eyes which actually did make her feel any better.

“You don’t have to it isn’t important, only the first step is… The first step is everything…” she felt Kirin hold her hand and she found herself biting her lip, his warmth spread through her and her skin tingled. He had been right so far, right? Ever since she woke up on the blue grass he had been her guide to this crazy world she had found herself in. Now though he was asking her to step off a cliff and trust in his faith in her that she would not fall. This had to be impossible.

“Trust me you can do this Jill,” said Kirin grinning unseen at her. “You already did this to get here you just don’t remember.”

“Okay,” Jill took another step closer to the cliff edge feeling her heart in her chest battering against her rib cage and forcing its way into her throat. She found herself gripping Kirin’s hand harder. Anticipating, both excited and dreading that her next step would be into thin air. “I can do this… Here we go!”

She squeezed her eyes shut tighter and let herself fall forward into the nothingness feeling Kirin fall with her. For one stomach sickening moment she didn’t stop and she felt she was going to tumble, that he was wrong and she would fall smashing herself against the rocks far-far below her.  Instead there was a rush of air and then a gentle jolt almost like she was falling into a bed of feathers. Everything stopped and she felt herself hang in the air feeling the breeze play over her skin. She risked a look forcing open one eye, then the other and to her amazement Kirin really was right she could fly! Slowly hand in hand she let herself float up into the sky then joining in with Kirin’s golden joyful laugh. He was right, here she was truly free…

500 Word Flash Fiction taken from the notes for Dream a little Dream

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