Webcomic Review – The Impossible Space Tales of the Last Pit Stop by Dan Nokes

The-Last-Pit-StopThe Impossible Space Tales
of the Last Pit Stop
Publisher – 21st Century
Sand Shark Studios

By Dan Nokes

Some of you may know Dan Nokes as the artist for The Teddy Bear Tales; but Dan Nokes leads a double life as one of Southern Maryland’s longest operating Indie Comic Publisher through his 21st Century Sand Shark Studios. Up to now Dan has been concentrating on traditional print, but now he has branched out into Webcomics one of which is The Impossible Space of the Last Pit Stop.

Cover-PreviewSo what is it? Well I hope my blog readers are familiar with he concept of Webcomics, we’ve had one running here with Sigmartyr over the last year. The Last Pit Stop is something a little different, think Clerks meets Men in Black, merged with Office Space and Encounters of the Third Kind. It is the humble story of a Convenience Store Clerk that just happens to work in Area 51 at an Interplanetary Pit Stop. Great concept right?

Dan executes this premises with his usually unique style and inks, and his sequential storytelling is well done here. The first part of The Last Pit Stop is an introduction to this world through the eyes of Alan Grissom the minimal wage Store Clerk as he rushes into work, along the way we meet the other main cast and it plays out a little like a cheesy sitcom. We have the lazy boss, the uppity Assistant Manager, the hipster Alien friend and the cool chick and of course Alan the main protagonist of the story. Although the first book doesn’t really do more than set the stage we see some interesting elements that will branch out into plot lines.. What exactly keeps Alan working here for minimum wage? What is his fear of relocation? Just why does the US Government maintain a Convenience Store for Alien Travelers?

I hope these questions are answered and we also see some ole’fashioned sitcom stuff set up through this book. Go check out The Impossible Space Tales of The Last Pit Stop by clicking here. I give this webcomic

4 thumbs up out of 5

And Dan Nokes is already busy on the second part now.

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