A reaction to the Connecticut tragedy my opinion for what it is worth…

shooting2Isn’t that what it really is… The shooting at Connecticut Elementary is a tragedy.  It isn’t glamorous or vehicle by Media stations to win ratings as they race to name the Gunman, line up the pundits to roll their 24 hours coverage, race News Anchors to the scene and prepare those fancy graphics, the one attached to this post is from Fox News. In between all this race, this madness to gain viewers to sell advertising everyone forgot one thing the victims, the sheer mind numbing sadness of  shooting in an Elementary School… Children died… Eighteen promises for the future gone because one inadequate little man decided he wasn’t man enough to end it on his own and had to cause terror first… What should be his reward? Not notoriety, not fame, not a multicase pundit study into his motives. The Gunman should be forgotten, completely utterly forgotten inch by inch erased from human history to never be remembered, no marker, no footnote, nothing, for he deserve nowt to be remembered.

And this will be the last time I will even mention him…

Do not forget this day remember the life lost and find away to make sure this will never happen again, give this day a legacy worthy of the children that died.

And that is all I have to say about this…

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