A Utilikilt is the best piece of apparel ever!

One Man and his kilt

One Man and his kilt

I first saw a Utilikilt about four years go at Baltimore Comic Con, and I knew right then and there I wanted one. Yes, it took four years and a gift from my girls before I finally got my hands on one, I do now proudly own one. The last time I wore a kilt it was back in the 90’s when I was an extra in the amazing ‘B’ movie Chasing the Deer staring alongside the Dynamite Kid himself Brian Blessed. Well… When I say alongside I really mean about a hundred yards to left, third row back. Close enough though to say I worked with one of my idols. Yes, it is true I am in the same movie as the King of the Hawkmen!

I am though digressing, I did at this time wear a kilt for the entire weekend and I have to say it was a remarkable feeling of freedom, your stride increases and you just feel pretty good about yourself – plus you are well ventilated. Although it is freeing a kilt is a remarkable impractical piece of kit, you know no pockets and you have to be Scottish to really pull one-off, but all that has changed with the Utilikilt. This remarkable piece of apparel has all the freedom of kilt with the practical application of combat pants and you don’t have to live on a Soggy Fen to wear it.  The one I have is Blue Mocker with two practical saddle bag style pockets for putting your wallet, cellphone or some much more manly in like… I don’t know like a live Haggis or something…

In essence it really is just like wearing a pair of explorer shorts and that is the mindset you should have wearing them, it is one of those items of clothing that says something about you an extension of your personality.Works great with a T-shirt or even a Casual Dress shirt it is fairly multi purpose.

I will warn you though you are going to get looked at and not all those looks are going to be kind, you are going to sniggers, see fingers pointing and in my experience have one young child hide behind their parent. All I can say is just carry yourself with confidence and remember when going out and about wear a good pair of snug boxer short – save the traditional wearing to impress you women folk, and not for shopping at Ikea on a blustery morning, (which I found is a really bad idea especially around floor-less steps). Once you start wearing a Utilikilt you are going to want to get another and use any excuse to wear one. I am pretty much wearing mine just like a wear my casual pants and have no worries running errands in it.

Try one and see how you feel in it, a Utilikilt isn’t for everyone, but it is an original. What can I say? Best Clothing Ever!!!

Learn more about Utilikilts by visiting their website here.


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