I have to say this… I feel it is a good thing that Obama won four more years and I am very optimistic about the possibilities :)

Four More Year :)Last night the people of the USA made a choice, it stood up against the darkness, the lies, the hatred, the anger and said no. You the voter looked the far-right fear industry right in the eye and said your wrong… You don’t know me, you don’t know what I want and I don’t want a future with you calling the shots. Instead of the extremist, the unprincipled power hungry who was just looking out for the 1%, the voter choose the pragmatist, a leader who has demonstrated that he really is looking out for the average American. I have a lot more faith in Obama as a politician and President than I do in most leaders, and being a skeptical Brit that is saying a lot. It is my hope that over the next four years he leads the USA to where it should be a beacon of hope and light in the world… Thank you America 🙂

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